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The industry is changing fast. See how engineering firms are embracing BIM and integrated engineering workflows to improve their bottom line and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Smarter engineering. Better outcomes.


"Not only are we accelerating their projects, but we’re accelerating our internal training with our staff."

-Michael Vogel, Principal, GRAEF.

With BIM and integrated engineering workflows, GRAEF expanded their services, are able to retain top talent talent, and cut project schedules by 30% 

Success starts with a solid foundation

The collaboration and coordination tools that BIM offers will help you to avoid errors and rework: reducing project risk and saving you time. Here are two examples from firms KLH and Max Fordham.

KLH drives into the future and wins more work with BIM

By moving to BIM, KLH has tripled the amount of work it's been able to secure with contractors.

Max Fordham improves project outcomes by moving to BIM

Max Fordham has seen a 23% increase in worker productivity per engineer since moving to Revit.

Build on BIM to achieve even more

Some firms are taking BIM further, working in even smarter ways. They're taking advantage of integrated engineering processes enabled by data-rich models.

  • TDIndustries boosts client satisfaction

    TDIndustries has cut project timelines in half, driving a boost to client satisfaction. 

  • Pinnacle accelerates ambitious projects

    A 30-40% reduction in design time has allowed Pinnacle to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Canam slashes site issues

    By optimizing the design process, Canam has reduced construction site issues by a factor of ten.

  • Lera makes significant time savings

    Lera makes time for inspired problem solving by automating repetitive tasks and reducing redundant work.

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