Your projects look clearer from the cloud

It’s time to shift your perspective. BIM Collaborate Pro provides a better view of your projects, giving your team anytime, anywhere access to the tools and information they need. With powerful co-authoring, project management, and model coordination tools, your team can work together in a secure common data environment – which means more coworking, and less reworking.

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Overview of BIM Collaborate Pro (video 2:20min)

Workflows only work if they flow.

BIM Collaborate Pro empowers teams with the coordination tools they need to avoid misalignment, catch errors earlier, and save money. Data is captured across project lifecycles and displayed in powerful dashboards that shine a light on project issues, transparency, and the completion status of major milestones.

  • Keep projects on schedule with real-time design collaboration
  • Understand edits and context using intuitive change analysis
  • Assess constructability with automated clash analysis
  • Consolidate issues management to reduce rework and change orders​
  • Control project document access with multi-level permissions and data exchange management 
  • Realize better outcomes through advanced project analytics

Features that can’t be beat

Other AEC worksharing solutions just can’t compare to BIM Collaborate Pro – see a side-by-side comparison to evaluate for yourself.

Built for anytime, anywhere collaboration in Revit, Civil 3D, and Plant 3D

Want to learn more?

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With our 30 day free trial, you can give BIM Collaborate Pro a test run. No commitments, just your chance to explore the power of the cloud.

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Need help learning to use BIM Collaborate Pro? Join one of our webinars for a comprehensive walkthrough.

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Try BIM Collaborate Pro for free

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